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Frequently asked questions

Does Sacred Tattoo offer body piercing?

Yes! Sacred Tattoo offers body piercing services and body jewelry sales through Nine Moons Piercing located within the studio itself. All piercing services are performed with piercing needles and internally threaded jewelry in either ASTMF136 implant grade titanium or 14 karat solid gold.

NOTE: All piercing services including the sale of jewelry, check-ups and consultations require an appointment with NineMoonsPiercing.  An appointment can be booked through

I am under 18, cani get tattooed/pierced?

Under 18 tattoo? No. In accordance with New York State Health Law Article 4A, it is illegal to tattoo a minor under any circumstance.Under 18 Piercing?

Nine Moons Piercing Piercing can pierce a minor, but special accommodations and documentation are required. This service is by appointment only.

To schedule this appointment, confirm that appropriate paperwork and documentation is available to you, and to speak directly with the piercing staff at

NOTE: Only basic earlobe piercings will be performed on a minor under the age of 16.

What forms of identification are accepted to get tattooed?

Sacred Tattoo can accept non-expired driver’s licenses, domestic and international passports, and United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Cards (USPIC). In accordance with city regulations, New York City issued identification or “IDNYC” cards cannot be accepted as valid forms of age / identity verification.We ask that you please bring cash. If you must pay with card, note that you can only pay 40% of your balance with a credit card. The other 60% must be in cash.

Can I bring my service animal or pet into the studio?

Pets? No. We love our pets, too! But they will have to wait for you at home. Fluffy will forgive you.Service animals? Yes. As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sacred Tattoo accommodates the use of services animals in the studio.


Tattoo is not “decoration” or cosmetic fashion but a mate for life. We wear our tattoos with pride declaring our freedom and self-reliance.

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